Bathing Pavilion

This project for the Kohler Company — intended for construction — is 5m x 5m x 3m high. It is entered one meter above the ground and is a total bathing environment unto itself separated as it is from both the house and the garden. Heated independently, it has hot and cold plunges at either end. The entire structure is made of glass blocks with silicone joints where the walls are intended as Trobe solar elements.  Influenced by Dante’s Inferno, the metaphor for purgatory is intended as absolution – the internal cleaning of the body. Furthermore water closet, lavatory, bidet, shower and tub reside in dependently on one another each in its own alter-like space. The metaphor for hell is the steam bath, into which one descends from the peripheral purgatorial edges of the little building. The heavenly metaphor is couched in a chaise lounge, to which one ascends, with trompe l’oeil clouds painted on the ceiling above it. The bathroom has suffered long enough from the excesses of Victorian privacy and this project intends to herald it as a place of joy.