Belgrade Apartments

This 18-unit housing project is to be built in time for the Third Belgrade Triennial of World Architecture.  It is to be positioned amongst seven other designs by renowned architects in a setting similar to that of Berlin’s I.B.A. housing.

The program calls for each unit to have a private exterior space as well as bedroom, living/dining and kitchen areas.  Also of note is the desire for bathing and toilet facilities to be separate and for circulation space to be minimal.

Conceptually, the project grew from the idea of “scaling.”  The initial scale is that of all eight projects which loosely radiate from a central point.  At this scale, avenue site lines define the uniqueness of our site.  A second scale delineates the project in terms of its immediate context and produces the central core.  The final scale is determined by the confines of the surrounding walkways and buildable area.  Notions of the ‘perfect’ and of the ‘imperfect’ — not as mutually exclusive but as necessarily inclusive — were utilized in the reading of these scales.

The final plan and configuration of the cast-in-place concrete facades are thus derived from the notation of the three scales and the differences in their perfect and imperfect forms.