Block Gallery

Concentration Camp Drawings Exhibition Installation:

The drawings are clustered both by artist as well as by type (cartoons, portraits, the genre of camp life, etc.).  A sense of intimacy was appropriate since most of the drawings are small in size, and due to a desire to show respect to the authors, small clusters of drawings are situated such that the viewer may reflect on one-drawing-at-a-time; often in conjunction with single seating carousel-like stations so as to better mull over the circumstance in which the drawing(s) came about.  A sobering experience — yet perceived in the privacy of one-on-one between viewer and author.

View corridors (clits in walls in which drawings are located) help the viewer preview what is yet to come.  While the installation is not a metaphor for the concentration camps, the intimacy between viewer/participant and artist/author is primary to better understand the context in which the drawings were made.