Burnham Station

The buildings represent a straight-forward “Chicago Style” of building. The tower in particular is inspired by the work of Mies van der Rohe — the verticality and expressed structure pay homage to the Master. The tower, affectionately termed “Mies building-as-a-wedding-cake”, does permit for some deviation. Units are larger than is typically found in middle-income housing- sizes vary upwards from 1,000 square feet. The stepped design permits the inclusion of spacious private terraces for many of the units, an amenity usually found only in luxury housing. Spectacular views of the Loop and the Lake can be had from these spaces. The building is economically constructed of poured-in-place concrete and glass, and the wrought iron railings, ubiquitous on Chicago streetscapes, provide the frosting on the wedding cake. The town homes also provide more than is standard - each possessing a small private yard as well as sharing in the attractively landscaped common areas. Overall, this 270,000 square foot development of Town Homes and Mid-Rise Condominiums located in the area of the South Loop now known as SoLo creates a sense of community within, while being very much connected to the larger community without.