Dining Pavilion

Situated 40 miles Northwest of Chicago, this octagonal tree house dining pavilion is an addition to a 1988 house designed by the architect of the original house.  Finished in cedar on the outside and maple fin ply on the inside, the project provides an unexpected addition to the main structure, insofar as it sits high in the trees over the bridge leading to a screened porch and hot tub on the other side of the white water creek cleaving the property.

Functionally, it provides for a much needed family gathering place at mealtime.  The names of the family antecedents are located on the interior frieze.  Galvanized zinc clad the buffet and counter tops, otherwise surfaced in maple fin ply.  The axial connecting link to the kitchen replaces one of its former windows.

From the other side of the bridge, the tree house looms as if a prow on the original structure.  Seasonally, the dining pavilion is a chameleon-like object whose views are defined by the ever changing landscape.