The compression of this century’s time clock has had a perverse effect on architecture: its increasingly rapid rate of change has profoundly affected architectural movements.  Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Arts Club, four such movements have come about.  Each one is the result of its predecessor divided by two; i.e., HALFTIME.

A (re)presentation of a characteristic project by each of 75 architects within these four movements is featured in the exhibition installation.  Analyzing their work as it relates to the category each one inhabits fosters a greater understanding of the role they (and others) play in the evolution of Chicago architecture.

Based on Chicago’s historically preeminent position in the field, the installation presents our city’s architectural heritage in the straight forward manner in which it was executed, while the cult of the particular architects selected for scrutiny is lionized, befitting the authors of the city’s premier art form.