Hedrich Blessing Photography Exhibit

The design program was simply to follow the client’s request “to create an exhibition that will invite the visitor to become part of the process, instead of just being a passive viewer of  these captivating images”.

The Hedrich Blessing Exhibition installation encompasses 7,000 square feet and is dialectically bifurcated into “Process” and “Product”. 

The “Process” component is, in turn, subdivided into the five constituent features that at once describes Hedrich Blessing’s methodology: vision, craft, teamwork, production and the collection, and simultaneously demystifies the process of photography-as-art.  The “Product” is just that: four chambers that exhibit over 300 photographs; sometimes expressed in a grid, sometimes displayed compositionally.  Each chamber has a heroic-scaled, polychrome platonic solid with one or more brilliantly colored transparencies viewed through Plus (+) or Minus (-) apertures.