House of Planes & House of Volumes

Located on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, each house in the family compound inhabits its own space with communal terraced land between.  Uniquely stacked and staggered floor plans are a result of tight zoning restrictions given the prominent location of the existing parental home.  Land slopes towards the bluff.  Main floors step accordingly.  Wood boardwalks traverse DEQ designated critical dunes. 

Designed for two siblings, the House of Planes’ articulated exterior walls rise beyond the main volume of the structure while the floor planes extend to create deep balconies. Materials shift at each staggered end to emphasize the “slipped” planes. 

Designed for one married sibling, stacked cubistic forms inform the House of Volumes.  Differentiated materials on each story wrap these volumes interiorly and exteriorly creating the home’s distinct variation on the complex’s common theme.

Cladding is a “rain screen” of Port Orford cedar and white composite aluminum panels.  A central two-story glazed circulation “spine” creates light filled axial views.