Lakeside Residence

Located on the main street of a small town in southwestern Michigan just back from Lake Michigan’s shore, this 1,000 square foot cottage was designed by the architects as a weekend home for themselves and their two children. 

The scope was defined by a rigorous construction budget, industrial stock materials and an equally reductive rural vocabulary.  Purposefully vernacular, the main structure clad in corrugated steel panels with its collection of outbuildings is intended as an archetypal image both of the farm with a barn, shed, and attached granary, as well as a church with a basilica, narthex, and adjoining baptistery. 

The great room serves as an indoor piazza with all four ground floor rooms axially disposed abutting it and paired sleeping lofts overlooking it.  Ceiling fans stir the air further creating the cooling effect of outdoor breezes and clerestory windows illuminate the interior.