Landscapeforms Lakeside Collection

The architect was approached to create designs for outdoor furnishing that would be not only durable and comfortable but also affordable so that the products would appeal to small and medium-size towns in America while being very cost conscious.

To the casual observer a bench seems like a pretty simple design proposition.  It is, after all, just a flat place on which to sit, sometimes with a back and armrests.  The universal folded-steel frame, which recalls the platform swing of another time, is simple, sturdy and economical.  The addition of the decorative embellishments is pure whimsy.  The first of two bench styles has planks of natural wood or Polysite — a synthetic material used in the design of decks — staggered along the back so as to mimic the classic American white picket fence, a traditional American icon.  The second style is a reference to nature itself with a pattern of shoots of grass that grow from the seat up the back or a picturesque scattering of leaves.   Backless benches repeat the patterns on their seats.  Both designs straddle the line between minimalism and ornamentation, convention and novelty — a delicate balance that is anything but simple.

A complimentary litter receptacle is designed as a trim cylinder with a recessed base.