Neisser Condominium

A design of stunning elegance and utter harmony.

Our modernist client purchased in its raw state, a 4,400 square foot condominium in a Post Modern building with a 12-foot floor to ceiling dimension.  Her desire was to provide accommodations for herself, guest quarters for her two adult children (one physically challenged), and adequate space to entertain on a regular basis.  A significant minimalist art collection and an eclectic furniture collection, both continuously evolving, were central to the program.

“Tigerman McCurry produced a design of stunning elegance and utter harmony…If the details of this apartment are modern, its soul is classical…modernism feels not like an oppositional force to classicism, but like a partner to it.  Traditional, highly articulated space is married to detail of rare precision and restraint, and the result is both exhilarating and serene…The real achievement in this joint venture is an apartment in which evenness is perceived as a calm order that relaxes, not a rigid one that confines…For all its whiteness, the residence is not just surface glitter and gleam, as are so many modern apartments.  The classical order gives a resonance and depth that contemporary spaces often lack:  Its niches, columns and reveals punctuate and define the space, focusing it on human scale and movement.” — Paul Golderberger, Architectural Digest, April 1997