Prairie Crossing

Situated in Lake County, 40 miles north of Chicago, Prairie Crossing is a low density, ecologically sensitive development of 317 single family homes on 667 acres of country side. Maintaining green space for future generations is the work of the Liberty Prairie Reserve.  Prairie Crossing is designed as a community that is dedicated to conservation of open space, including farm fields, prairies and lakes.  The homes are designed to reflect the traditional early farm houses of Lake County. 

Prairie Crossing homes were built by the Building Science Consortium, through the Building America Program.  This multi-disciplinary team is made up of architects, engineers, builders, construction materials suppliers, and energy research groups.  Its goal is to produce advanced building technologies for the design, construction and operation of affordable energy- and resource-efficient buildings that provide quality living environments.  Residences have a choice of a number of different housing styles, and each home has a view of open space, whether farmland, prairie or hedgerow.   Landscape architect Peter Lindsay Schaudt has been involved in the project since its inception.

One of three firms commissioned to design residences, Tigerman McCurry Architects produced plans for the 5 homes illustrated.  Of the 5 homes the smallest, “The Halsey,” at 1,475 square feet which was developed for the village portion of the site became the most popular.  Not only did it have the ability to rotate its entry to provide two different street facades, but its affordable size permitted many more families access to this special sustainable community.