Shipping Container Housing

The firm was hired by a developer to investigate the feasibility of constructing affordable and sustainable housing from used shipping containers.  These homes could also be utilized in disaster relief.

Containers have accumulated in the nation’s freight yards due to the trade imbalance with Southeast Asia, thereby allowing for the acquisition of a ready-made cost effective shell and structure.  The containers originate in China of low maintenance Cor-ten steel.  These 8’ wide units are available in a matrix of two standard heights (8’ or 9’) and lengths of 20’ or 40’. 

Our different variations were developed using combinations of the containers.  The units will be fully insulated and use all sustainable materials from insulation to paint application to ensure LEED Certification.  The units are heated and cooled by simple heat pumps with energy derived from solar panels on the roof to provide hot water heating.  Each individual container would be outfitted in Chicago and then shipped as a separate entity nationwide for final assembly into an actual home at its final destination. 

Due to the economic conditions, the developer has canceled the project.