Springfield Residence

The house is located on a semi-rural site high above a river, which will be developed with a swimming pool and pool pavilion, a tennis court with a covered viewing area, covered guest parking, and a gazebo overlooking the river. The design for the house posits an armature spanning three precincts of paired cubes, which are “hinged” so that they rotate.

The first pair constrains bedrooms; the second includes a foyer and guest bedroom/office, with a library rotated away from it; and the third is made up o the kitchen/dining room and a living room rotated further than in the previous precinct. The geometry informing the project is based on the notion that once a thing begins to disintegrate there is no turning back.

Once the cubic “couples” begin to separate from each other, they continue inexorably in that pattern.  All that restrains them from further disintegrating is the armature, the gridded-lass gallery that connect them and permits movement form one pair to another.