Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia is a women’s and children’s clothing store that moved to a new location one half block away from its former site. This space is a story and a half and fronts on the street. Its footprint consists of 1670 square feet, with a mezzanine of 490 square feet. The program was to provide a neutral, reductively “clean” setting for the visually active clothing. It was also important that a simple, almost diagrammatic plan make the entirety of the interiors legible from the street.

The solution utilizes both form and lighting to perspectively draw one through to the rear of the store, and thus to the mezzanine containing the remainder of the inventory. Materials are simple, and straightforward: metal, glass, and a largely maple floor, interrupted only by a steel checker plate wedge drawing one’s attention uninterruptedly into and through the space. Double loaded shopping bays localizing product, suggests and intimacy that increases the farther one penetrates into the interior.

Existing structure is reinforced by new diagonal bracing. The steel stairs and handrails, as well as the store fixturing, lighting and finishers are new, as is the store front, graphics and awnings.