Telling Images

The project design was conceived with the assistance of a focus group of children from ages seven to twelve, over a course of 30 meetings held at the architectural firm and on-site at the Art Institute of Chicago.  Intentionally, this exhibit ultimately walks a fine line between the interactive and the introspective providing quiet moments to commune one-on-one with six individual art objects situated in spaces simulating the places from whence they emanated.

Stories in Art gives children the opportunity to learn how stories are told through paintings, sculptures, photography and relief carvings from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Narrative art ranges from objects with specific literary sources to folklore, history, fantasy and autobiography.  The goals of this exhibition are to:  introduce children, ages seven to twelve years old, to works of art that tell a story, instill an appreciation of the power of the object and profound beauty of art, increase understanding of multiple meanings embedded in objects, and to boost comfort levels with the museum.